Aparna Anand. Still, that's just another life lesson: we don't always get what we want. The first is that while Otae has been shown to like Gintoki romantically, he has not yet reciprocated her feelings. 15525 cr points . Being part of the Yorozuya family is of course important, but so are his other relationships, and I see no reason why he cannot commit to both. I feel like anime has always messed up what it means to really end up with someone. Make out session! Story: 10 Silver Soul continues the story after the Rakuyou's Decisive Battle Arc (Gintama. You can’t say goodbye until you’ve said hello. Pluto Batou was the Captain of the 2nd Division of the Harusame. All I was thinking about at the time was her health, anyway." 2. Whatever then end is, Sorachi will troll us, I can feel it. Gintama’s very essence is its main character, Gintoki, whose dead fish eyes hide more than we think. Brain Washed. After a long battle, Hijikata and Gintoki always end up next to each other in the hospital. 0 0. Very unpopular opinion, but Nobume x Okita has higher click than Okita x Kagura. The man's a hardcore sadist. HIJIKATA X GINTOKI, Gintoki should end up with Hijikata... Report to Moderator . This can be considered Sorachi’s way of summing up his feelings about the pairings, as in the end, Gintama has never put its entire focus on love, and probably never will. Originally posted by jupiter2. Sakata Gintoki, grrrrr. Lv 6. The idea is actually quite childish at that, real relationships go through strains and hardships and people rarely stay together for a long period of time. It's a shame. For shows like FMA:B (I have it as a 5 lol), I DO have some problems with the execution of the plot, but more specifically, the characters. The ending song is Tsukuyo: I didn’t say anything! He’d probably end up saying something that would scar her or make her punch him; When the four (plus a begging Sadaharu) of you eat together and chat about each other’s days, Gintoki truly feels like he’s in a family. Takasugi makes his first appearance in this arc when he attends a festival held honoring the amanto's first arrival. But by the end of the episode, they ended up punching the spectators (the otakus who have been lining for days to purchase the OwEe consoles). Sorachi didn’t write Tae as the heroine for 3 Gintama movies that stayed by Gintoki’s side till the end and as Gintoki’s partner in raising Shinpachi and Kagura throughout the entire series for you to say that she’s more likely to end up with her stalker. Thanks. That, of course, isn’t to say he isn’t appreciative of his owner. He would sometimes get beaten by the executioners, and he also didn't care that he would die. Epic Dope is the new home of streaming news, views and reviews. Read the topic about Who do you want Gintoki to end up with? 1st of all You need to understand the nature of This franchise. Revenge and destruction (Takasugi) 5. I addressed them all, including Gintoki and Otae’s close relationship with one another. Understanding . The only way is by entering the world of Love Choris and talking some sense into him. Revival of brotherhood. Top 20 Must Watch Comedy Anime on Crunchyroll and Where to Watch Them! Though, as the series goes on we begin to see his true identity, and why he behaves this way. Batou and Shoukaku | Source: Fandom Your voice is too small I can’t hear you. Epic Dope is the new home of streaming news, views and reviews. Kyoshiro, Gintoki, and friends attempt to scout some help, but they end up with a bunch of oddballs. The relationship between Gintoki and Otae has always been teased since the very first episode; however, it is unlikely for them to end up together due to two reasons. However, he has absolutely no romantic feelings towards Sarutobi and is just simply annoyed by her stalking. Although the story is mostly episodic, a few story arcs and recurring antagonists develop. Feb 10, 2012 10:39 PM. on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Thanks. (How does Hijikata always find himself making out with the man in said moments?) Then, Gintoki and Kagura participated in a virtual-reality game. Review: Is Noragami any Good? Their attempts to remember always end up going off course, but Takasugi's henchman, Henpeita, drops by and leaves them with a clue about Kurokono. While Okita won't last forever with Kondo and Hijikata. Not with those dead fish eyes. Overall, Okita is childish and selfish but is loyal and will not hesitate to help those who need it. they've been hinting this "Kabukicho's legacy" thing lately so much i don't think he'll even make it alive by the end, much less end up paired with someone, What's with this Gintoki gon die and stuff is this Gintama or what :( no spoilers btw. "I didn't care. 7-“Goodbyes are only one side of the coin. It's just that his series tries to stay somewhat grounded in reality while Gintoki's feats, even outside comedy chapters, are nonsensically outside the realm of human possibility (Breaking anything with a wooden sword, beating an evolving parasitic sword/Yata clan leader, pulling a helicopter out of the sky, etc.) Offline . Lv 6. Doesn't he have a crush on Ketsuno Ana? Understanding . she laughed. The Yorozuya can survive with the others being romantically involved and having family's of their own. Will Gintoki end up ... and and a younger starved gintoki asked her for the manju she had laid out in front of the grave. After waking up, Gintoki notices, while taking a bath, that his hair begins to fall out. fishergirl16. It premiered on TV Tokyo on April 4, 2006, and finished on March 25, 2010 with a total of 201 episodes. To sum it all up, we can split their relationship into parts-1. hope they end up together in the end :) ... Gintoki and Kagura have a really good chemistry! How To Watch Gintama? Due to Gintama ending this year, everyone is speculating whether Sorachi will add some romance, and if so, who will be the one Gintoki ends up with. I absolutely agree that it’s time to stop validating toxic relationships. Also I always say that Tsukuyo said it best in the love drug arc about Gin doesn't belong to anyone but regardless he ends up finding his way into everyone's hearts and belongs to everyone which to me was Sorachi's way of summing up his overall feeling regarding the "pairings". Gintoki: Why “stupid”? Childhood rivalry. As Gintama is a series that focuses less on romantic relationships and more on familial ones, it is more likely for Gin, the main character, to not end up with anyone, and the secondary character, Otae, to end up with someone else, if at all. But at … Also Gin+Yorozuya is main ship if you think about it. Oi, this is too annoying! During the Yoshiwara in Flames Arc, their trust and friendship developed, as they both relied on each other while fighting against Jiraia. In Gintama's case, I doubt he will end up with anyone, not because I think it is out of character to be with someone but because the manga itself is episodic in nature so any kind of progression that is made will likely result in no change to the overarching story. on Who Does Gintoki End Up With in Gintama? Ka-gu-ra-chaaaan wake uup!" Katsura x Ikumatsu are a cute couple! Kagura picks up Gintoki to bring him to safety while Kamui does the same for Takasugi. I like their similarities (orphans, sadists, same age Nothing direct to rely on). He won't disband Yorozuya unless Shinpachi and Kagura leave it.I hope Yorozuya does not disband even in the ending. In the end, there’s nothing you can do. There's no time to worry about taking care of customers. You must be logged in to post a comment. 0 0. Gintama. Gags aside, throughout the entirety of the manga, we see Sorachi writing romantic subplots, both serious and comical. If you managed to get to the end … 42 - clouds This website uses cookies to better your experience. Maybe a 1% chance she'll end up with anyone , Gintama is a gag manga , even romances turn either really sad or aliens start appearing. During the Joui Wars, Batou remembers someone going through scores of Amanto to reach him. ” -Gintoki Sakata. Let’s just go to a hotel!” Gintoki throws up his arms in desperation over their situation. Gintoki couldn't be sure, but something told him he was going to see both siblings again very soon. Stupid! Post Joui war animosity and hatred. But he was let free and wound up at a graveyard where he was given food from Otose. This was an unaired episode of Gintama ' featuring Lake Toya Hermit as he persuades Gintoki to learn secret techniques because he thought the anime is going to end soon. somehow i just couldn't wrap my head around gintoki and kagura ending up together romantically. He could end up with Tsuki, but the pairing would backfire to Sacchan, Ketsuno, Otae, and even to the core concept of Yorozuya. There’s no doubt that there are ghosts battling alongside the living, slain long ago and unsure where to go, so they repeat the cycle of their lives. Gintoki lives with Kaguraand Shinpachi, taking on odd jobs to make the world … Tsukuyo:! Otae asks Gintoki to bring Shinpachi back to the real world. “Oh, I am sorry, dear. Originally posted by jupiter2. These are just some reasons why I cannot rule out the possibility that he ends up with someone at the end. Gin is a white and very fluffy cat. Their relationship has always been such. The fandom will probably react far worse, but that's to be expected in shonen manga. An avid reader and writer. For more information, go here. During the Benizakura arc, when Gintoki was injured, she was the one who took care of him, and despite scolding him not to be reckless anymore, Otae still understood his need to save the people. Episode 100 (The More Something Is Disliked, The More Lovely It Is) Reaching the 100 th episode often means a milestone for any anime series. During the war, he became known as the White Demon (白悪魔, Shiroyasha) due to his powerful swordplay and demonic white appearance. 4 Baragaki Thorny | Rating: 8.8. And read this analysis of why Gintoki and Tae were set up to be the unofficial OTP in Gintama. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! 3. Joui war camaraderie . "I know people were saying things, but," Hijikata shrugged. S;G does exactly what it set out to do and I 100% respect it for that. But in terms of enjoyment, it's a 6 for me because of the aforementioned reasons. Okay, Tae, what a way to end a date. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When it comes to the question of who Gintoki will end up with, most fans have their favourite pairings. Anything else is fanfiction tier wishful thinking. On the other hand, while Gintoki treats Sarutobi poorly and even states that he dislikes clingy women, he still rescues her when needed. I actually think the only ship with the most potential to happen is probably Okikagu but again I doubt it's gonna happen also. If you are logged in, please refresh. Instead of stopping him, she instead lent him her favorite umbrella and told him that he better be alive to return it. I think we're all to used too the Shounen timeskip epilogue. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough considering we're in the final arc. Gintoki is the only person she seems to be able to open up to. on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! 1 Introduction 2 Plot 3 Characters 4 Trivia Two down, one to go; last up, Gintoki vs. Batou with mistaken identities and illusions galore. We are building a home for nerds, geeks and anyone sitting at home with super powers that is likely to rule the world with the lot of us. DarkCreeper picked Gintoki X Kagura: Gintoki's cool and Kagura's hot specially on her adult form posted over a year ago. There will likely be no official couple for Gintoki, leaving it open at the end, but I won't rule it out. The last thing we don't want is either a love drama between Sacchan and Tsukuyo, or behind the scene rushed romantic progression in Gintoki's after timeskip. Gintoki has always shown a good deal of interest in women; however, it has mostly been on a surface level. But if he were to get another job then it will definitely have to be when he gets romantically involved. The series focuses on an eccentric samurai, Gintoki Sakata, who works as an odd-jobs freelancer. My guess is that the sword ban will be lifted by the end and the dojo will finally be properly restored. Throughout the course of the series, he's accrued a strong variety of love interests and even had an entire arc dedicated to teasing all of them. The sudden movement causes the fake couple to stop walking. This is unacceptable for me. Kyoshiro, Gintoki, and friends attempt to scout some help, but they end up with a bunch of oddballs. There are no direct words, but their actions more than prove their feelings for one another. The thing is i see this trend alot where two guys would simply make eye contact and people turn into a ship because, lets call it what it is, it goes in favour of fetishization of gay couples. (Topic ID: 157956) If Gintoki does get together with someone, Tsukuyo probably has the best chances. But that said, it's unlikely anyone would end up with Gintoki in a series such as Gintama. The poor otakus! i see them more as … Neowu. forever alone... because hasegawa-san loves hatsu... Gintoki might die or end up single. Most fans would bypass this arc, but this set of episodes is filled with craziness and mixes both comedy and action. And it turns out that Otae has invited guests from all over town who go wild and leave the bar and Kyoshiro broken! Either he dies or he stays single. In the end, this article does not advocate any relationship but just states some of the popular opinions of the fandom as a whole. He added that he does not know himself if the manga will end this year or next. Otae has been there since the beginning of the series and is a part of the Yorozuya family. Have a good night! he observed. Sarutobi is Gin's overzealous, ninja stalker whose central gags revolve around wanting to be punished by him and being found hiding in various parts of his home. When Takachin was bullied by other children, Shinpachi tried to help but ended getting beaten up as well until Otae saved them. 4. Okita and Kagura is the same too. it has a "koi kaze" effect on me. trolling the audience since day 1. Revenge and destruction (Takasugi) 5. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Towards the end, although she is frustrated by the new situation and the fact that Kyo had begun dating Tohru, Kagura genuinely wishes happiness for the both of them, even if she doesn't show it. Have a good night! Even without romantic ending, at least the girl on that arc should make an appearance. Sarutobi is a stalker, and she’s proud of it. Press J to jump to the feed. (Topic ID: 157956) Gintoki and Tsukuyo is the most popular pairing in Gintama, and for a good reason. 272: 7 This is a subreddit dedicated to the anime and manga *Gintama(Silver Soul)*. If you believe we have used your copyrighted content without permission, send us an email at [email protected] and we will remove it immediately. The story is set in an alternate-history late-Edo period, where humanity is attacked by aliens called “Amanto.” Edo Japan’s samurai fight to defend Earth, but the shōgun cowardly surrenders when he realizes the aliens’ power. With Gintama ending soon, fans are wondering whether Sorachi will partner Gintoki up with anyone, and if yes, then who? She's more liked in the western fandom from what I've heard. As the main character, it makes sense that Sakata Gintoki would be a wanted man. 25 Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia – Ranked! To add to his troubles, oppressive aliens have moved in to invade. Then it will be something like the Yorozuya will always be a family no matter where they are. The other route is kind of impossible. Gintama's very essence is its main character, Gintoki, whose dead fish eyes hide more than we think. It's not Zura, its Kasura! Secondly, If Sorachi does indeed match Otae with someone, it is likely to be Kondo and not our white permed samurai. Gintoki meets Katsura and Sakamoto at a Joi reunion party, where they attempt to start a past arc in hope of remembering about their former comrade, Kurokono Tasuke. Post Joui war animosity and hatred. All Rights Reserved. Seita would always be elated whenever Gintoki would show up, and tonight’s surprise appearance was no difference. Lake Toya Hermit's parents then showed up. Prof. R. Jayaraman (VU2JN) A Personal blog on Academic career in Civil Engineering, Amateur Radio hobby, and other interests Menu Skip to content Evanshi Mavani. Member. Look, you are all wrong. In the end, despite their unhealthy relationship, Gintoki and Sarutobi’s dynamic is an entertaining one. ... Be careful if you let him outside, you might end up with another brown cat or possibly a black cat who looks very grumpy. ” -Gintoki Sakata. It is revealed that Katsura Kotaro and Hasegawa Taizo are the mother's apprentice, while Shimura Tae is the father's. Kagura is reading Soyo's letter in Episode 307 In the end she bids farewell to the shogun and her friend Soyo Hime, who were both going to fly to a safe place to hide, gather allies, and establish a new administration. To introduce his colorful love history, this list will start readers off with the female counterpart who has no issues with hiding her feelings but does a great job of hiding within his apartment. Gintoki, for all his macho posturing, is a superstitious, scaredy-cat crybaby, and that's why Katsura has taken it upon himself to curl up with the other boy when there's a thunderstorm during one of their sleepovers. We’re the tv & anime junkies that can’t watch enough & simply can’t stop talking about it. He could end up with Tsuki, but the pairing would backfire to Sacchan, Ketsuno, Otae, and even to the core concept of Yorozuya. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores and/or online campaigns. And in the end, a certain character awakens and a certain quartet reunite. Worth Watching? A premium destination for everything Anime, Netflix, Disney + or Hotstar , Amazon Prime Video & Apple TV + . If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. However, it is unlikely to happen as it’s not essential to how Sorachi wants the story to be portrayed. Revival of brotherhood. "That must be some hell of a guest." Shimura Shinpachi grew up with his sister Shimura Tae and his father Shimura Ken in their family dojou Koudoukan. Sorachi had mentioned at last year's Jump Festa event that the manga would enter its final arc this year. However, throughout the series, he has built so many connections that few seem genuine. Who Does Gintoki End Up With in Gintama? canuchita. Gintoki helps Hijikata get onto his feet, watching as Sougo cuffed him, foot holding his head down onto the filthy club’s ground. I want it to end similarly to Korra where they realize that they love each other and start their relationship then. Most of the good things he do, end up having evil intentions behind it which makes him skeptical when he does something generally good. Yeah, Gintoki's definitely stronger. Protection (Gintoki) vs. The two are trying to deal with the different persons and in the end run into Gintoki himself. Again, I don't hate it - I DO like it. Despite his grave injuries, Gintoki went to save her from Jiraia and told her to wholeheartedly weep and ask for help as he’d always be there to share her pain and burdens. (See Hotaru's lover's backstory at the end of love potion arc). Gintoki: Did you say something? 6. Gintoki: What’s wrong with you, suddenly… It’s dangerous, you know? 8 years ago. Gintama The Final: Teaser Trailer; January 2021 Debut. This post is entirely based on opinions... Nobody knows Gintoki's fate besides Sorachi himself. Everyone know Gintama is a Funnier Rurouni kenshin. Are we reading the same manga? Wasn't it Gintoki who clearly had a shotgun marriage in mind when he first met Sacchan? This man, who has suffered more than anyone, might finally find reprieve in love. Who Does Kagura End Up with in Gintama? He doesn’t blend in with much, but can hide in the snow or white sheets. 9. Likewise, Kyo has warmed up to her and feels no need to run away from her or avoid her, and is able to strike up a conversation with her while bearing a smile. Is it better if the romance is keep just right now(no further development). You Have Scrolled This Far, Might As Well Sign Up For Anime News In Your Inbox. We are a crew of obsessive and wide eyed, writers & reviewers who love putting out our views and opinions on the things we obsess over and can’t get enough of! Nov, 06 2020. Who Does Kagura End Up with in Gintama? You must be logged in to post a comment. Comments: Leave a Reply Cancel reply. He deeply cares for Otae and Tsukuyo; however, he has not been shown to reciprocate their love. He reunites with Katsura and as they begin talking he asks Takasugi if he is planning on doing anything, he tells him he's not, but if something did happen, it would overturn Japan. posted over a year ago. 1 0. The question then is how much he'll commit to it, or maybe he'll even let his sister take care of it so he can stay with the Yorozuya. For Shinpachi, I'll be sad if Sorachi will pretend Correspondence Arc didnt happen. Next tier might be Kondo x Otae. Copyright © 2020 Epic Media Labs. The 2 seconds still image of how Gintoki, Katsura, and Takasugi were left with their beloved teacher's head after the Bakufu executed him is truly riveting. Knowing Kabukichou as he does, he’s going to end up with a used condom in his mouth if he’s not careful – and okay, it wouldn’t be the first time, but there are times and places for that kind of thing, and this is definitely not one of them. He is significantly different from any other.... Nov, 06 2020 . Lets get down to the root before answering based on your ship fantasy. This article talks about who Gintoki might end up with, and there are few but popular ships in the fandom. Hijikata's mouth opened against his, hungering for his taste, the unraveling moans he couldn't hold back. Gintoki does not end up with anyone in Gintama, as he does not have romance as his top priority. Joui war camaraderie . xD #59. All content cited is derived from their respective sources. But at … And it turns out that Otae has invited guests from all over town who go wild and leave the bar and Kyoshiro broken! The episodes of the Japanese anime series Gintama were animated by Sunrise.The first 99 episodes were directed by Shinji Takamatsu.Episodes 100 to 105 were directed by Takamatsu and Yoichi Fujita, while following episodes only by Fujita. Gintoki might die or end up single. Though, as the series goes on we begin to see his true identity, and why he behaves this way. After that still image, it's truly a miracle that Gintoki and Katsura end up relatively sane after the war in comparison to Takasugi, who's gone on a … Do small things with great love - Happy Sharing :). Gintoki: Uwaaa. Gintoki looked up and saw Hijikata's gleaming eyes beckoning him, speaking without words. Kagura I can guess that both Kamui and her have found their place, and it's enough that their family have all reconciled. Gintoki didn't protest. Tsukuyo likes Gintoki romantically, and her feelings towards him were intensified during the Love Potion arc. Gintoki’s past is incredibly tragic despite him being portrayed in hilarious ways most of the time. And for the love of god don't make a next generation Yorozuya. Hatsu x Madao is probably the only possible pairings at the end. Currently working towards obtaining a degree in English literature. I don't know why everyone is so obsessed with Gintoki ending up as an official couple w/ someone. (See the end of the chapter for more notes.) I didn’t even do anything… Gintoki: Is it a secret? Gintoki’s sure that for some, they are. I just don't see Gintoki being in a relationship, its just not him, he can be as wise as a sage, he can be as childish as a 10 year old kid, careless and lazy like a teenager but I just can't see him in a relationship. Gintoki ends up choosing a unique heroine to be his girlfriend... 229: 28 "Making It through Love" 4. If there are end pairings then I want it to end with the start of romance. He agrees to an unequal contract with the aliens, placing a ban on carrying swords in public and allowing the invaders to enter the country.